I've been at the Pole before but this was pleasantly different in that I didn't have to haul a sled there! The race is a unique combination of two things I enjoy: polar challenges and marathon running. It's a great test of fitness and stamina. Well done.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, UK (Polar Explorer)

The whole experience of arriving at the top of the world and competing in the marathon was absolutely amazing. Fantastic fellow competitors and tough conditions gave the PizzaExpress team a truly unique adventure at the Pole and the genuine challenge we were looking for.

Harvey Smyth, UK (CEO PizzaExpress)

You'll get back home from the North Pole Marathon and not believe it really happened. l just smile and smile whenever I remember it. It's a chance to truly test yourself and meet the most inspirational people along the way. If there's anyone out there thinking of doing this race, then just DO it!

Rebecca Newman, UK

Having run both the North Pole and the Antarctic Ice Marathons with Richard Donovan, I can only describe them as amazing and exceptionally well organized under extreme conditions. The North Pole Marathon is a once in a life time experience.

René Gross Kærskov, Denmark

The word 'nutter' featured regularly in discussions about my participation in the trip. However, the North Pole Marathon is a physical challenge and life experience without comparison; extreme, exhilarating and rewarding in so many ways and for those of us who are post-pole, life changing! Nutter, probably. Happy, absolutely.

Ian Ayling, UK

I ran the sister race, the Antarctic Ice Marathon, back in 2010 and was so impressed by Richard's organization of that race that I opted to run the North Pole marathon in 2012! It was certainly the coldest, most remote, and one of the most difficult marathons I have ever run, which only made that feeling of crossing the finish line ever sweeter. Thank you Richard for organizing this race and for giving us average marathoners the privilege and opportunity to run on the Arctic Ocean!

Joseph Lim, USA

The race week could not have been any better. We were able to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness in Svalbard by taking adventures which were once in a lifetime trips. The whole experience was just unbelievable. It was by far and away the toughest event I ever participated in both physically and emotionally. It was also the most rewarding. I would highly recommend this race to anyone who would love an adventure that they could never forget. Richard has done a fantastic job of putting together a trip that will last with me for the rest of my life.

Glenn Grossman, USA

Nothing quite compares to the surreal experience of the North Pole Marathon. It's a priceless adventure.

Steven Seaton, UK (Editor of Runner's World Magazine)

The North Pole Marathon is the most amazing extreme marathon I have ever run. It brought runners to the limits of their endurance and lived up to its billing in every respect, affording athletes a chance to run and feel on top of the world.

Michael Collins, Ireland (Novelist)

This was the greatest running adventure of my life. I have run marathons around the world. I've run at sea level and on 14,000 ft. mountain tops. In 35 years as a runner, nothing comes close to the extreme conditions experienced in the North Pole Marathon. The people who I met were friendly and inspirational. The race staff were a wonderful group of people to be with. I recommend this trip to anybody who wants to test their limits and perform outside their comfort zone. Thanks very much for the opportunity to travel to the North Pole with this group of adventure seekers.

Carl Philips, USA

The North Pole Marathon was certainly a life changing experience for me, in more ways than one! The incredible scenery, sights and sounds of the Arctic ice were inspiring and the marathon trip was an adventure I will never forget. The fact that my boyfriend also proposed to me as I crossed the line, and pictures at my most vulnerable went viral around the world, added to that memory. However, it's a magical story that I will hopefully still be telling my grandchildren in years to come. Many thanks to the NP Marathon team for this experience.

Demelza Farr, Australia

The North Pole Marathon has been an unforgettable experience that I never thought could happen. The days spent at the Pole with the competitors and organizers were great. The organization was excellent. Thank you for sharing an adventure like this with me.

Luis Alonso, Spain

Thank you again for this wonderful trip and race. Back at work I keep thinking of the light and the clean air at the North Pole.

Georges Laplanche, France