Participants need to book own accommodation in Krasnoyarsk. The accommodation in Khatanga and at the North Pole will be provided.


There is a great selection of accommodation options in Krasnoyarsk for you to choose from, including Novotel, Hilton Garden Inn and ibis, among others.


Accommodation and meals in Khatanga are included for all participants. The group will stay at Mamont Inn on a twin-room sharing basis. There will be no additional charges for extra nights of accommodation in Khatanga in the event of weather-related or other delays.

Accommodation at Hotel Mamont Inn Khatanga is included.

Note: In previous years, Longyearbyen in Svalbard served as the departure point. However, its use as the departure point for the 2024 group has not been confirmed from a logistics perspective. We will provide updates and further details here if Longyearbyen is chosen as the departure point for the 2024 expedition.


Competitors will share large heated tents, approximately twelve to a tent, at the North Pole Camp.

Raised benches / loungers will be provided along with sleeping bags and warm air will be pumped into each sleeping tent.

Food and drink will be served in a separate kitchen tent.

Please don't expect luxury when camping on an Ocean at the North Pole! We will only be 36-48 hours on the ice if the weather is on our side...and then return to land having successfully finished the marathon and having stood at 90N - the precise Geographic North Pole.