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Carbon Free Status for 2014 North Pole Marathon

May 1, 2014

The 2014 UVU North Pole Marathon was recently awarded 'Carbon Free' status from

The race invested in forestry projects in the Brazilian Amazon in order to neutralise the impact of CO2 emissions from holding the event.

The process involved is outlined below:

(a) The CO2 impact of the 2½ hour flights to the North Pole camp - and related helicopter flights in the polar region - was scientifically calculated on the basis of the type of aircraft used, fuel burn rate, fuel type and flight duration.

(b) The impact of attendees' CO2 emissions via their international flights to the departure point (Svalbard) was estimated.

(c) The CO2 impact of other fuel used at the Pole, e.g. heating of accommodation tents, was worked out.

The overall calculated impact is then offset by an equal investment in reforestation projects in the Brazilian Amazon.

See this story from the website about the 2013 event, which was also awarded Carbon Free status:®-event

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