Schedule for The 19th North Pole Marathon (Summer 2024)

July 25
Arrival in Paris (or Longyearbyen)
July 26
Fly Paris to Longyearbyen & embarkation
July 27
At sea along Spitsbergen
July 28 - Aug 1
Navigating through the sea ice
Aug 02
Reach 90N. North Pole Marathon
Aug 03 - Aug 04
Navigating through the sea ice
Aug 05 - Aug 06
At sea aboard Le Commandant Charcot
Aug 07
Scoresby Sound, Greenland
Aug 08
Exploration of Ittoqqortoormiit Region
Aug 09 - Aug 10
At sea aboard Le Commandant Charcot
Aug 11
Disembarkation in Reykjavik, Iceland
Aug 12
Departure to Homeland

Schedule for The 18th North Pole Marathon (Spring 2024)

April 7
Latest arrival at Krasnoyarsk, Russia
April 8
Fly to Khatanga
April 9
Fly to North Pole camp
April 10
North Pole Marathon
April 11
Fly back to Khatanga
April 12
Fly back to Krasnoyarsk

Please note that it is important to anticipate delays. We advise obtaining a fully flexible return flight.

You need to book your flights to and from Krasnoyarsk.
Accommodation and meals in Khatanga are included.
The ice runway at the North Pole camp.
North Pole camp, the floating ice camp on top of the world.
North Pole Marathon, the World's Coolest Marathon.
Become one of a truly select few to run at the North Pole.


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