Departure point

You will need to book flight from your homeland to Paris. Alternatively, you can fly to Longyearbyen.

Please ensure your arrival in Paris no later than July 25th to catch the included Paris-Longyearbyen flight on July 26, 2024. Your return flight will be from Reykjavik, not Paris, and should be booked for August 12th or later.

Note: There is an option to opt out of the Paris-Longyearbyen flight and arrange your own flight to Longyearbyen. If you choose this option, the airfare for the Paris-Longyearbyen flight will be deducted from your registration fee. In this case, you need to arrive in Longyearbyen no later than July 25th, and book your accommodation in Longyearbyen.

You will need to arrange round trip flights from your homeland to a town called Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia's capital with over one million population and 500 hotels, is well-connected to Moscow and St. Petersburg via multiple daily flights. We recommend arriving in Krasnoyarsk at least one day before your  scheduled departure. Upon arrival, you'll be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Restaurants and café offer both fast-food and fine dining. If you have extra time, our local partners can help you with city tours, museum visits, Yenisey River excursions, and other Siberia trips.

On the date of your departure, you will be picked up from your hotel to the airport. AN-74 aircraft will take you to Khatanga village by a 3-hour charter flight, where your journey to the North Pole starts.

Please be aware that delays can occur with polar travel and you should ideally have some flexibility with your ticket, e.g. the ability to change for a small fee or full flexibility.

Note: In previous years, Longyearbyen in Svalbard served as the departure point. However, its use as the departure point for the 2024 Spring Edition has not been confirmed from a logistics perspective, but remains a possibility.


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